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5 Tips for Google Shopping Ads


Google Shopping ads are an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to drive traffic and sales directly to your eCommerce website. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when setting up these advertisements if you aren’t familiar with the process. Here are five tips to help ensure that your Google Shopping ads are set up as effectively as possible.


1) Check your cost-per-click (Google Shopping Ads)

If you’re using Google Shopping ads, keep a close eye on your cost-per-click. If your ad isn’t showing up on searches that have high conversion rates, it can bring down your total profits. For example, if someone is searching nike shoes and it doesn’t show up on top of the results page, you might not be receiving any clicks at all.


2) Use negative keywords (Google Shopping Ads)

Google allows you to add negative keywords to your campaigns to prevent your ads from showing up when users search those terms. Adding negative keywords doesn’t always make sense, but it can be a good option if you find yourself bidding on words or phrases that aren’t relevant or meaningful to your business.


3) Use broad match keywords

Broad match keywords are your best bet if you’re using Google Ads to promote your products. These keywords match not only singular terms but also variations and misspellings of terms—like new balance 574s or skechers walking shoes, for example. In addition to broader reach, broad match keywords are less expensive than phrase or exact match, with costs that vary based on competition. They may even be free!


4) Add sitelinks

Google ads are a great way to get more eyeballs on your products, but you can’t afford to let these free clicks slip away! To make sure these extra links don’t go unused, add some sitelinks and always-display product links to better connect potential buyers with your store.


5) Include a callout ad in your campaign

Google’s callout ad product is one of its best ways to bring more customers through your door, and it should be a part of every  campaign. By including a clear CTA (call-to-action) in your ads—such as Save 10% today! or 50% off our last shipment! —you can increase conversions and move people from clickers to buyers.

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