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Social Media Marketing In Dubai – How To Drive More Leads


Social media marketing has been an effective marketing tool since the first tweet was sent out in 2006, and it continues to be one of the most powerful tools available today. In fact, 76% of marketers have found that social media drives leads, and 63% of businesses are planning to increase their spending on social media marketing in 2017 . But if you’re going to invest time and money into this platform, you want to be sure that your efforts are paying off, so let’s look at how you can drive more leads with social media management in Dubai.


The benefits of social media marketing

Social media has become an extremely viable and worthwhile channel to promote your products and services. But why is social media so valuable? It’s because of how powerful social networks are. They’re a great place to both develop brand awareness and capture your target audience. If you want to see real results, focus on three things: leads generation, social media advertisements, and social media management. We’ll take a look at each one in turn


3 ways to drive leads using social ads

Social ads have a ton of potential—they can help you generate leads and drive traffic to your site. But if you’re not using them correctly, they can also suck up a ton of your time (and money). Here are three tips for using social ads for lead generation


Create a lead generation landing page – Social Media Marketing

Your social media management campaign begins with a landing page. Whether you create your own landing page or use a third-party provider like HubSpot, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social, make sure you create one that’s optimized for lead generation. Remember: Your goal isn’t to sell—it’s to attract and engage as many leads as possible. This means using messaging that will appeal to your target audience, appropriate calls-to-action, and strategically placed links throughout your copy.


Use direct response ads in Social media marketing

If you’re looking to capture leads and get people to respond, social media advertising might be for you. These ads are short—usually about 15 seconds—and focus on a clear call-to-action (CTA). It’s possible to create your own ads or buy pre-made ones from third parties that host ad networks. However, if you’re not well versed in lead generation and sales, it may be better to have a professional handle your campaigns.


How can you track your ad campaign?

It is a very important point to remember that for advertising to be successful you need to be able to track your ads. With social media marketing, it is even more crucial because you may only have a small snippet of time in which you can catch someone’s attention. Tracking Social Media Advertising Campaigns Using Google Analytics…Knowing how many people clicked on your links (including image tags and shortened URLs) will give you an idea of what was seen, but not clicked on and vice versa.


What happens after someone clicks on your ad?

When someone clicks on your ad, they are sent to a landing page or a site with information about your company. Think of your landing page as an advertisement itself – you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Make sure you have compelling copy and visuals that represent your brand. Once you capture their attention and keep them reading, you’ll be able to close more deals.


Which social networks should you use?

There are hundreds of social networks out there, so it can be confusing which ones you should focus on. The truth is, they’re all different, and they’re not all suitable for every type of business. Although each one offers something different to your customers and audience, Facebook and Twitter remain two of the most popular platforms to use. However, LinkedIn and Google+ are worth considering too.


What tools are available to help you create your ads?

There are many platforms that can be used to create social media advertisements. The most common would-be Facebook and Twitter, but you should also be aware of Instagram, Google and LinkedIn’s ad options. Other tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Ad Espresso can help make managing multiple accounts easier. You should also consider investing in a scheduling tool like Meet Edgar or Crowd Content, which will allow you to manage your social media more easily on an ongoing basis.


The formula for creating successful social ads

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be able to meet your social-media marketing goals. With a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work, you’ll start to see some nice returns. Check back in a few months for an update on how your social ads are doing and let us know what kind of results you’re seeing. We love hearing success stories!

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